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Donation Policy

Donation Policy

In accordance with the principles established by the Capital Markets Law and Turkish Commercial Code; within the scope of the social responsibility, TürkTelekomünikasyon A.Ş. makes aids and donations to the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, institutions conducting social responsibility projects, educational institutions, public institutions and entities, municipalities or other similar persons and entities with obtaining approval of the Board of Directors for donations exceeding the amount of 1 Million TL. The amount of donation less than 1 Million TL is subjected to the approval of General Manager. Total donations in a fiscal year cannot exceed 40 Million TL.

In the selection of the type, amount and the receiver of the donation as the institution, organization or the nongovernmental organization, all donations and aids that are made upon the resolution of the Board of Directors can be made by taking into consideration the Articles of Association, vision, mission and policies of Türk Telekom, ethical principles of the Company and Company’s corporate social responsibility policies. All donations and aids are made by taking into consideration the regulations of Ministry of Finance. The shareholders are informed at the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the relevant year about all donations and aids.

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