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Internal Audit

Türk Telekom has set up the necessary internal control systems in order to reach its strategic targets; uphold efficiency and productivity in all Company operations; protect the security and accuracy of financial and operational data; safeguard its assets; and ensures compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies and procedures.

Türk Telekom A.Ş.’s Internal Audit Unit performs assurance checks and consultancy to evaluate and further develop risk management, internal control and corporate governance processes of Türk Telekom and Group companies. Reporting to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee, the Internal Audit Unit operates in line with the principles approved by the Board of Directors.

The Internal Audit Unit operates in accordance with international standards of internal audit. The Unit has submitted its internal audit processes to the audit review of an independent organization and has received a quality certification report. The majority of the Unit’s auditors hold CIA, SMMM, CISA and CFE certification. According to their respective areas of expertise, audit teams perform audits related to finance, operations, IT and compliance. The audits evaluate the efficiency of current internal controls designed to eliminate the risks associated with various business processes. The Unit analyzes the reasons and effects of the control shortcomings identified during audits, receives information from the relevant departments about action plans to resolve the issues identified and monitors whether these actions are implemented on time. In addition to audit activities, the Unit also conducts inspections and investigations as needed.

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