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Water Management

Water Use in Türk Telekom

Within the framework of its sustainability approach, Türk Telekom takes utmost care about water use. The company carries out studies to reduce water consumption and closely monitors consumption quantity.

Türk Telekom’s most important project to reduce water consumption is “Bina Merkezileştirme Projesi (Building Centralization Project)”. In this scope, water consumption has also been reduced since 2013 by optimizing the use of buildings every year and reducing the number buildings with people working inside. Additionally, in 2012, water started to be used more economically by installing an aerator on the tap mixers in all buildings across the country.

Although investment costs are high in new projects, photocell tap mixers contribute to the reduction of wasted water. In addition, there is the Gray Water System located in the “Aydınlıkevler Tower Building” in the Ankara Headquarters, which has been in operation for three years. With this system, water costs are reduced by using the water used in the sinks again in the toilet tanks after the necessary treatment processes. Again in the Tower Building, water is used in landscape irrigation by storing rain water in the building.

As a result of actions taken, a declining trend is realized in water consumption of Türk Telekom Group. By 2019, water consumption decreased by 31% over the last 4 years and decreased to 389 thousand m3.

Year Consumption Amount (m3)
2019 389 thousand
2018 446 thousand
2017 535 thousand
2016 560 thousand
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