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assistt ALBTelecom became an independent company on February 5, 1992, and on February 16, 1992, was named “ALBTelecom” with the status of a joint stock company. ALBTelecom is the largest fixed operating telephone company in Albenia offering services across all urban areas. Meanwhile, it has extended its telecommunication services virtually nationwide through interconnection partnerships with other rural operators.

ALBTelecom operates in the Albanian market where it provides certain major services such as fixed telephony, ISDN service, Dedicated Internet acc, ADSL, Dial-up, Intranet, and Prepaid Cards, as well as others. Additionally, the company is investing to expand the services in parallel with its goal of improving service quality. Within the framework of strategic planning and new product launches, ALBTelecom has for the first time projected crucial investments to boost station capacity in Tirana, as well as to increase subscriber number across Albania, and develop information and communication technology, in particular internet based.

The company's objective is to offer all clients diverse products, quality of service and reasonable tariffs. And in the context of its perceived social responsibility obligations , ALBTelecom has supported, and will continue to support selected socio-cultural activities within the community, making it a firm communication bridge throughout Albania.

Products and Services

Corporate and Individual

  • Telephone
    • Fixed phone
    • ISDN
  • ADSL
  • Dial up
  • Dedicated Internet
  • Prepaid Calling Cards
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