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argelaEstablished Year: 2004

Business Segment: IT Product % Software Services

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

Established in 2004, Argela joined Türk Telekom Group in 2007. Argela undertakes research, development and innovation activities in the field of next-generation telecommunications technologies, and develops intellectual property for 5G technologies.

Argela markets its solutions and product sales to telecom operators globally, as well as to public institutions and the defense industry in Turkey.

Argela creates added value both in Turkey and abroad in the field of next-generation telecommunications technologies, in particular 5G technologies with its patent applications and intellectual property assets in the USA. In the domestic market, Argela develops strategic projects in collaboration with the defense industry.

In addition to the Fourth Generation Communication System Development Project (ULAK) signed with the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense (SSM) in 2013, the Company also worked on the software-defined network infrastructure project for public security networks under the MILAT Project signed in 2015 with SSM. Furthermore, Argela collaborates with other public and defense industry institutions on various projects related to the defense industry.

Argela’s solution portfolio includes programmable radio access networks, software-defined networks, LTE macro base stations, network performance monitoring, subscriber analytics, customer satisfaction management, fixed-mobile convergence (Wirofon) and Tambu.

Wirofon is a new generation communication platform available to all operators’ subscribers, which enables the instant messaging, as well as images, video or audio files, and sharing, free-of-charge HD quality audio or video chats. Subscribers with Türk Telekom home lines can login to the Wirofon app with their home phone information and call any fixed or mobile number. During the call, subscribers can use the minutes included in their home line tariff, without paying any extra fees. As such, in Turkey, subscribers can use their home phone as a mobile wherever they want, and when abroad, they can dial Turkey at domestic call tariffs.

Marking a first for Turkey, Tambu is a new smart keyboard app compatible with many platforms and that can be downloaded to smart devices. Designed specifically for the Turkish language, Tambu offers rich content including text completion, correction and translation, as well as animated stickers, GIFs, a proverb catalogue, and different keyboard themes.

The company also carries out a number of projects with various universities and companies within the framework of the European Union FP7 and Celtic Programs. With these projects Argela not only contributes to the technological advancement of Turkey, but also obtains funding for its R&D efforts via EU support.

Argela works with various universities in Turkey on next generation technologies such as 5G, software defined networks, and network function virtualization, cyber security, self-organizing mobile networks and big data. Headquartered in Istanbul, the Company has R&D facilities in Ankara and Sunnyvale, California, USA. In 2017, to improve its international recognition and create new business prospects, Argela developed business partnerships in several countries.

ProgRAN (Programmable Radio Access Networks)

The ProgRAN solution, which Argela’s US based subsidiary Netsia has been developing for some time, provides scalable and flexible architecture for 5G technologies, and thus enables the provision of a high capacity, customized network and service solutions to address the mobile communication needs of the future.

Netsia has installed its special LTE testing platform running on ProgRAN technology in the test environments of prominent American and European operators. To thisdate, the ProgRAN test platform has been delivered to the following operators:

  • Telefonica (October 2017)
  • Verizon (November 2017)
  • Orange (December 2017)

Software-Defined Networking (MILAT) Project

Within the scope of the Software Defined Networks Project (MİLAT), Argela was tasked to meet the cyber security needs of The Turkish Armed Forces within the framework of the agreement signed in December 2015 with the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry. Related activities were completed in 2017 to develop a Software Defined Networks solution to be used in Public Security and 5G project infrastructures. In 2017, Argela applied for numerous patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office under ProGRAN and Softwared Defined Networks. Furthermore, Argela, joined the “Open Network Foundation (ONF)” Consortium that develops tools and platforms based on Software Defined Networks and Virtualization of Network Functions for networks and applications of various sizes. Argela plays an active role with its solutions in two large-scale ONF projects. Argela is one of the companies making important contributions

to the 5G architectural design project “M-CORD” built within the ONF, based on Software Defined Networks, Virtualization of Network Functions, and Cloud technologies. Argela’s partners in this project are mainly the world’s leading companies and telecom operators.


Fourth Generation Communication System Development Project (ULAK)

In 2013, Argela for the first time expanded into a new industry outside telecommunications when it was selected to carry out the Fourth Generation (4G/LTE) Communication System Development Project (ULAK) of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries. Under this project, Argela cooperates with business partners to domestically develop all the hardware and software components of base stations with LTE communication technology. These base stations will be used by both mobile operators and government and institutions working for public safety.

Following the successful implementation of ULAK Project in the field, operators will continue developing the features as they prefer.

Türk Telekom Network Transformation

Today, telecoms networks are rapidly transferred to the cloud by means of virtualization technologies, and turned into programmable and sliceable softwarebased structures. Türk Telekom also aims to transform its network through a long-term program, by employing software-based technologies such as SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization), and preparing it for 5G. In this context, Argela will play an active role in determining the right architecture and strategy for Türk Telekom network’s transformation, by researching and developing the technologies to be used, and adapting open source projects to the network.

5G Excellence Center

Argela 5G Excellence Center, launched in February 2017 to develop 5G technologies, opened its doors at aceremony hosted by Türk Telekom CEO Paul Doany and Argela CEO Bülent Kaytaz and attended by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü and President of the Information and Communications Technologies Authority Ömer Fatih Sayan. More than 30 academics from numerous universities work at the 5G Excellence Center, which conducts activities to help Turkey become a country that develops and exports 5G technologies. In this regard, Argela 5G Excellence Center carries out the following efforts:

  • Testing and developing network virtualization technologies for LTE and 5G,
  • Conducting tests and demos on real systems,
  • Carrying out activities within an ecosystem including universities and local companies,
  • Functioning as a center of interoperability, certification and training for LTE and 5G.

The Center is also used for testing and developing various virtualization technologies in a lab environment, within the scope of the Türk Telekom Transformation Program.

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