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innovaEstablished Year: 1999

Business Segment IT Consulting Products and Services

Türk Telekom Share 100%

Web Site:

Innova IT Solutions is Turkey’s leading software developer and systems integrator. The company operates two main offices, in Istanbul and Ankara, as well as being present in 12 other locations across Turkey. It recently became the only company ever to have been named on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, an index of the fastest growing Turkish technology companies, for twelve straight years. Innova delivers end-to-end solutions to meet all the IT requirements of Turkey’s leading companies in the telecoms, finance, public, and health, retail and service sectors. Innova has moved beyond the borders of Turkey with the solutions developed with its own resources. It increased the number of countries that it exports to 37 in four continents.

Innova is moving up on the ICT Top 500 List every year.

Compared to its ranking in 2016, Innova rose by two places to 27th on the 18th edition of the “Bilişim 500” (ICT Top 500) list, which ranks information and communications technology companies in Turkey based on their net sales revenue. Furthermore, according to the results of the Bilişim 500 (IT 500) Survey, Innova won the first prize by achieving the highest sales revenue in the Business Practices of The Year category.

Kiosk Innova Center becomes first R&D Center for Self Service solutions.

Kiosk Innova, the self-service and smart solutions brand of Innova -Türk Telekom’s IT solutions provider- has recently gained R&D Center status. The Kiosk Innova R&D center plans to develop innovative solutions with high added value, and lead the industry in terms of self-service and automation solutions.

Thanks to this R&D Center status, Innova aims to bring together its business partners and academics in the self-service solutions field, which harbors an immense potential, and to develop innovative R&D projects through collaborations with universities.

Delivering end-to-end solutions to various sectors under its brand Kiosk Innova, Innova is Turkey’s largest solutions provider in the field of self-service solutions. Kiosk Innova brand’s superior solutions are implemented with success not only in Turkey but also in numerous other countries.

New product for collecting doubtful receivables:


On October 4, Innova launched its new product PayFlexSmartCollect, which allows corporations running large-scale operations to manage their doubtful receivables during early collection period and collection processes.

New product launch: PayFlex BIG

By using PayFlex Bank Interface Gateway (BIG), which has recently joined the PayFlex product family, companies can consolidate their account activities in different banks on a single platform and easily integrate these to their accounting, or ERP systems. Thanks to this solution, companies can reduce their operational workload related to accounting and collection, and automate these processes.

Smart City Projects

Kars Smart City Project: In Kars, installing more than 800 devices/equipment/sensors in 12 locations, the Company initiated the Smart City Management Platform complete with YöneTTWifi, Cloud Eye, Smart Lighting, Smart Intersection, Smart Parking, Meteorological Observation Stations, Air Quality Measurement and City Access Point solutions. Kars city administration can now monitor and manage these apps from a single center. The initial phase of the project was delivered in March 2017, and the second in October 2017.

Antalya Smart City Project: In Antalya, the Company launched the Smart City Management Platform in October 2017 to operationalize the YöneTT Wifi, Smart Lighting, Smart Irrigation, City Access Points, Panic Button and Chronic Patient Monitoring schemes.

Expansion of Burulaş Transportation System Card Top-Up Kiosks: Bursa’s Card Top-Up Kiosks, designed by Innova, was introduced in 2015 at metro stations. Recently, these kiosks have also been placed at bus stops in the city center.

Halkbank Queuing System Project

At 1.000 Halkbank branches, the Company initiated a project to transform the queuing system. As of December 31, 2017, the system is commissioned at 100 branches.

Ziraat Bank - Collection Solutions for Member Merchants

Ziraat Bank has opted for the PayFlexVirtual POS Server to provide electronic collection solutions to its member merchants. In 2017, the bank replaced its previous technical infrastructure and started to receive cloud solutions services. Thanks to this seamless and secure service provided via Türk Telekom IDC, Ziraat Bank has reduced its IT operations workload and lowered costs.

Viva Kuwait - PayFlex Value Management System Integration Now Complete

Kuwait’s largest telecoms operator Viva Kuwait has opted for PayFlex VMS in the collection infrastructure used by the dealers that serve subscribers. PayFlex VMS has significantly reduced Viva Kuwait’s operational workload thanks to deposit/limit management, order management, product/price management, performance measurement, and field sales team management modules, as well as prepaid mobile top-up, bill payments, PIN generation, subscription and various business models on regular payment schemes.

Pegasus - Cabin Management System Integration

Pegasus targets to attain high operational efficiency by reducing paperwork via digitizing all actions performed by cabin managers before, during and after flight, and thus boosting service quality and team motivation, eradicating data loss and communication delays, and ensuring continuous access to up-to-date data.

Hepsiburada - Payment Gateway Integration

By PayFlex Payment Gateway application designed especially for Hepsiburada, consumers can apply for consumer loans according to specific criteria, while shopping online at

Sürat Kargo TTVPN Installation and Maintenance Project

850 DSL modem devices were installed at 850 locations managed by Sürat Kargo.

Central Bank of Turkey’s Network System Project

Türk Telekom developed an end-to-end integral communication project for the Central Bank of Turkey, employing more than 5 thousand Cisco IP phone and integral communication applications.

IGDAŞ Maintenance and Support Project

Launched as an ERP project in March 2013, the IGDAŞ Project has become a support contract as of 2017. The support project covers additional improvements for subscription, accrual, operation, maintenance, investment, internal installation, customer relations, human resources, financial affairs and procurement processes.

Health Campus Projects

Mersin City Hospital: Innova has integrated all the software necessary for continuity of the Hospital City Management System at Turkey’s first city hospital, Mersin City Hospital. The Company also installed the data center and integrated all hardware, network and other IT infrastructure necessitated by this software. Innova will also be in charge of the operation and management of the system for five years.

Bilkent City Hospital: Innova carrries the implementation and operation of Hospital City Management System of Bilkent City Hospital, which will become the world’s

largest healthcare complex once complete. For the delivery of this service, Innova will provide the necessary software, install the data center to run the system, deliver all the hardware, network and other IT infrastructure, integrate this system with other systems and services, operate said hardware and systems, and manage Data Entry Personnel.

Innova collects 3 Stevie Awards in 2017.

Innova received three awards in the Human Resources category of the Stevie Awards for Great Employers 2017 organization, for its Extraordinary Leaders Development Program. The Company collected;

  • a Gold Stevie in the “Problem-Solving Training” category,
  • a Silver Stevie in the “Interpersonal Skills Training” category
  • a Bronze Stevie in the “Professional or Legal Training” category.

Great prizes for great Innova projects

Innova’s Accelerated Financial Transformation Project developed for Türk Telekom was a huge success at the HANA Innovation Awards 2017. The project was acknowledged as a remarkable example of innovation, and deemed worthy of becoming the Honorable Mention Special Award Winner 2017 amid fierce competition.

Innova’s SAP Project for IGDAŞ received the Enterprise Resource Planning of the Year Award.

Innova’s Enterprise Resource Planning project for IGDAŞ won the Enterprise Resource Planning of the Year Award at the SAP Projects of the Year award ceremony.

Ten Awards to Innova in 2017

In 2017, Innova was deemed worthy of several awards given by research companies focused on the Turkish IT sector, and by its international solutions partners including:

  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey 2017: The only company for 12 years in a row (2017)
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey 2017: Big Stars Turkey (2017)
  • Stevie Awards for Great Employers 2017: Gold Stevie for Problem-Solving Training Silver Stevie for Interpersonal Skills Training Bronze Stevie for Professional or Legal Training
  • Bilişim500 Number One in the Business Applications of the Year Category (2017)
  • Beetech 2016 Awards, First Prize in the National- International Support Category (2017)
  • Fortinet- Best Managed Services Partner of the Year Award (2017)
  • HANA Innovation Awards: Honorable Mention SpecialAward (2017)
  • Microsoft Best Digital Transformation Project
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