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argelaEstablished Year: 1988

Business Segment: E-Education Content

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

As Turkey’s largest educational technologies company with 30 years of R&D experience and international presence, Sebit contributes to educational transformation by deriving strength from the synergy within Türk Telekom and through the innovative use of technology.

As a subsidiary of Türk Telekom, Sebit serves not only in Turkey, but also abroad with the educational solutions it has been developing since its inception and offers national and international solutions designed to deliver social benefits and for specific individual needs.

Having realized numerous groundbreaking achievements to date, Sebit is one of the main players -in Turkey and worldwide- of the transformation objective in the education sector, with the vision of “IT Supported Interactive Education”. The Company’s brand awareness that started with Akademedia in 1998 increased with Vitamin. Its product and service portfolio has expanded steadily, continued to shape educational transformation. Sebit plays a leading role in Turkey with its educational products and services.

These include Turkey’s first computer assisted education application, the first numerical video application in education, the first 3-D animation application, the first 2-D educational game, the first 3-D educational game -Piri the Explorer Ship- and

the first educational search engine. Sebit’s educational products, which are developed by a staff of 215 professionals based at the METU (Middle East Technical University) Teknokent in Ankara and the Arizona State University-Skysong Innovation Center (U.S.A.), are used by many students and teachers worldwide. Conducting its studies with a highly competent and creative workforce, Sebit has proven its pioneering role by receiving numerous awards, and is recognized as one of the best educational technology companies in the world.

Fatih Project

Having joined Türk Telekom Group in 2007, Sebit contributes to educational development in Turkey. The company plans to bring equal opportunities in education, provide product diversity in learning and remove the obstacles to participative education with the new education system and products designed deploying mobile information and internet Technologies.

The products and services developed by Sebit were delivered to millions of students and thousands of teachers within the framework of the Fatih Project.

Content Activities: Within the project framework, the Courses section of the Education Information Network- EIN (the official portal of the Fatih Project, tr), which enables curriculum monitoring over a learning management system, was integrated with Sebit’s Vitamin and Lisego platforms. With the addition of pre-school, and primary school 1st and 2nd grade curricula, the number of students and teachers served by Sebit via EBA expanded in 2017. During the activity period, the curricula of the basic courses for the 11th and 12th grades continued to be uploaded to EBA courses.

VClassroom: Concurrently, VSınıf (VClassroom), Sebit’s “Interactive Classroom Management” software, was updated in accordance with feedback received from schools. Additionally, Sebit’s “Content Development Ecosystem Platform” on EIN (Education Information Network) is actively used by teachers, and as such that they can also participate in the digital content development process.

Teacher Training: Professional development training for teachers, which started in 2015 and continued into 2016, was organized in 2017 as well. The third training season, designed to hone public school teachers’ skills in e-content development, took place at the Sebit office in Ankara on January 16-20, 2017. The HTML5 Content Development Platform VFabrika, which enables teachers to easily create original e-content by grouping together students with different skill sets, was put to the service of teachers over EBA in 2017. The first VFabrika training seminar took place in February 2017 with the participation of 70 teachers from various provinces, and the second training seminar took place in July 2017 with 56 teachers, at the Sebit office.

VCollab: Sebit’s innovative social platform VCollabconsistently provides single point of role-based access (such as teacher, student, and administrator) to different EIN functions in accordance with educational purposes. VCollab was launched towards the end of 2016, and performance enhancements and feature improvement efforts continue in response to its increased use. In this context, its increasing usage in schools is observed. To present and promote the Project locally and internationally, Sebit participated in the BETT Show in the U.K in partnership with the Ministry of Education, and GESS exhibitions organized in Turkey for the first time with participation of many international companies – with the FATIH Project as its theme. The Ministry of Education mostly showcased Sebit’s products and services at its booth in the BETT show with Sebit.

Sebit participated in the third Fatih Project Training Technologies Summit as one of the main business partners of the Fatih Project. The Company organized two panel discussions and two workshops at the event, showcasing the products and services it offers within the project at its booth.

Raunt: a new generation solution for university exam preparation

Developed by Sebit, Raunt is the first and only customized university exam preparation product in Turkey. Raunt was launched in the retail market and was offered to private and public school students preparing for the university exam. Following the product development and improvement efforts undertaken in 2016 and 2017, Raunt is used in classes from 9th to 12th grade in private schools.

Offering a personalized counseling service, study plans and rich digital content, the website and Raunt Mobile Application are designed to prepare students for university exams throughout the preparation process.

Sebit rapidly completed work on the compliance of Raunt with the new university entrance system announced by the Higher Education Council in October. Raunt’s smart structure, score system, test exams, subject curricula and other digital features were adjusted according to the new exam system. YKS Test Exams were launched after the completion of these changes.

Next Generation Educational Sharing and Collaboration Platform SebitVCloud

Put to the service of private schools in 2017-2018 academic year, Turkey’s first New Generation Educational Sharing and Collaboration Platform SebitVCloud has been designed by Sebit to rapidly transform the education environment of these schools. In its first year, the product, which starts a new era in educational technologies, is in user almost 90 thousand students, teachers and administrators in close to 130 private schools. With Sebit VCloud, aimed at introducing all the education trends of the new age to schools, students participate in the process with a personalized educational approach. They are able to carry their social and academic knowhow to the future through the product’s digital “Portfolio” within learning environments based on collaboration and continuous communication.

This comprehensive education solution, which allows schools’ educational as well as managerial and productive processes to be managed from a single point, can be customized for each institution, and offers a variety of advantages for all stakeholders including administrators, teachers, students and parents. Academic collaboration supports users’ 21st century skills by means of its continuous communication, instant follow-up and instant feedback features. The system extends learning beyond the walls of the classroom, by enabling students to communicate within a dynamic educational collaboration environment where they can continuously interact with peers and teachers.


DinamikMAT is Turkey’s one and only “smart question generating system.” For 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade mathematics classes, it can formulate an unlimited number of short answer or multiple choice questions. DinamikMAT’s algorithm can derive countless versions of the thousands of question types present in the Ministry of National Education’s curriculum.

In exercises prepared by teachers using DinamikMAT, questions can measure the progress of every student, and they can be differentiated according to the student’s level.

Sebit Overseas

With innovative and effective use of technology, Sebit powers ahead towards becoming a global leader in educational technologies. Company’s products have been available in numerous countries to date. VCloud not only serves teachers and students in Turkish public and private schools, but is also being enhanced based on the requirements of overseas projects, through analysis and adaptation studies. In this respect, the Company has joined forces with Microsoft to carry out pilot studies not only in Turkey, but also in Latvia, South Africa, Azerbaijan, France, the USA and Mexico. Sebit participated in the BETT Education Technology Fair in London in January 2017 and presented VCloud solution during the event.

EU Projects

The learning analytics project LEA’s Box, supported by the European Commission’s R&D framework program was successfully completed in 2017. Under this project which leads numerous European R&D studies in the field of competence-based learning analytics, data collected from numerous sources is processed by analytics tools to calculate competence levels and formulate a “learning model”.

In addition, analytical tools are being developed to evaluate project-based learning activities, particularly those used in STEM education. Sebit develops“gamification” techniques to increase individuals’ commitment to the learning method in individual learning schemes. Sebit’s consortium, which combines the Company’s know-how in “gamified” learning environments with 14 European partners, was granted the largest financial support in this field from the European

Commission’s 8th R&D Framework Program (Horizon 2020, H2020).

In the BEACONING Project, initiated in 2016, Sebit played an active role, especially in the design of learning analytics functions and interfaces, and carried out pilot implementations in 2017.

Socio-technical Design in Higher Education

Sebit has created socio-technical design to adapt its oneon- one education model for the MEB-Fatih Project to higher education.

Initiated in 2016 and supported by the Ministry of Development, with a novel approach on a global scale, the project focuses on the design of a higher education systemcentered on serving society, and integrated with digital technologies, as well as the creation of application road maps.

By process modeling, Sebit’s educational experts will determine the details of the educational process, its interaction with research and application projects, and the role of the digital infrastructure in this context. The architectural and functional components and application plans for the technical platform that will complement the education model have been completed. Work has been done on the design of the sub-systems that will allow the platform to operate with its internal and external components. The launch meeting for the project was held in September in Kayseri with substantial participation, and the project’s preliminary outputs were shared with the public.

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