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assisttYear of Establishment: 2007

Business Segment: Customer services and call center

Türk Telekom share: 100%

Web Site:

Founded in 2007, AssisTT provides call center services, as well as end-to-end and customized services to sector leading private companies and public institutions as a “strategic partner”. AssisTT provides services such as Technical Infrastructure, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Software, Seat Rental, Payroll Services, Training, Recruitment, Speech Analysis, the 11818 Directory Data Update and Enrichment, Customer Experience services as well as classic call center services.

Technological solutions focused on making a difference

AssisTT aims to provide solutions that can make a difference for its customers through technological advantages. The Framer application, completely developed by AssisTT IT team using the latest software technologies, was successfully implemented. Framer automates all processes from the entry of customer data to the creation of reports.

In addition, AssisTT IT team develops other leading applications such as Nebula, IVR Redesign and Metrik Savings with “Nebula”, the customer representative interface application, and an increase in completion rate in IVR with “IVR Redesign” application is targeted. The “Metrik” application was developed for effective tracking, reporting and communication within the company.

The world’s first and only 24/7 Central Physician Appointment System

AssisTT commenced services for the Central Physician Appointment System serving all locations in Turkey with the MHRS project implemented by the Ministry of Health in 2011. By collecting appointment information from public hospitals in the central database, it provides 24/7 call center services for the Central Physician Appointment System, the first and only such system in the world.

AssisTT continues to contribute to the MHRS project in Rize, Adıyaman, Bitlis, Bingöl, Erzurum and Ankara.

Rapid expansion in the public sector

AssisTT continued to expand its public partnership portfolio with new additions in 2019. In addition to the companies in its portfolio, the company signed contracts with the Turkish Patent Institute, Eti Maden, the State Materials Office, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the RTÜK White Table, the ICTA Information and Notice Center and TEDAŞ.

New additions in private sector business partnerships

AssisTT continues to gain new customers in the private sector. In 2019, the company began providing services to Halkbank and renewed its contract with Vakıfbank. In the same year, it also started to provide services to the Jockey Club of Turkey and the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. With the call center services launched at the Samsung location for the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, support is offered to answer queries and solve problems faced by farmers throughout Turkey.

Contributions to employment continue unwaveringly

With its strong technological infrastructure, effective human resource management and an excellent service approach, AssisTT sets the standards for call centers. AssisTT contributes to the development of the economy by providing thousands of jobs through its investments in Anatolia. With over 12 thousand employees, 60% of which are female, as well as being an important source of employment for the country, the company provides equal employment opportunity.​​

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