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innovaYear of Establishment: 1999

Business Segment: IT Consulting Products and Services

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

İnnova sets itself apart in the digital transformation of corporations with its end-to-end solutions

Since the very first day of its foundation in 1999, İnnova Bilişim Çözümleri A.Ş. has been the leading IT solutions company in Turkey with its innovative solutions offering competitive, cost and profitability advantages to support corporations in their digital transformation journey.

With the vision of shaping the requirements of the sector and customers, İnnova aims to maximize customer experience by offering end-to-end IT solutions. Having been incorporated into Türk Telekom in 2007, İnnova carries out its activities with more than 1,200 highly experienced employees in its Istanbul and Ankara head offices, as well as its support offices located in 12 cities.

İnnova provides end-to-end solutions to meet the IT requirements of various corporates mainly operating in the telecommunication, finance, banking, insurance, retail, energy, automotive, manufacturing, public and service sectors.

With its competence in the fields of big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies, İnnova carries out its operations with its PayFlex İnnova brand in the field of FinTech solutions such as payment, loyalty and collection, the SkywaveIoT brand in the field of the Internet of Things, the Lega brand for administrative and legal receivables follow-up operations, the HICAMP brand for hospital IT and hospital management and the AvioFlex brand for aviation technologies.

With its domestic and national solutions, İnnova contributes to Turkey’s technological move

With its 100% domestic and national engineered technology solutions, İnnova contributes significantly to Turkey’s national technological move and the country’s achievement of its export goals. Playing a pivotal role in IT exports with its products and services that create value to its customers, employees and society, İnnova exports its products and services to 37 countries across 4 continents.

İnnova is a member to Turkish Cyber Security Cluster Platform established under the leadership of the Presidency of Defence Industries with the objective of improving the cyber security ecosystem in Turkey. İnnova continues to contribute to the country’s cyber security with its domestic and national solutions while cyber security becomes more important with each passing day in an era where technological developments and use of the internet are increasing at a spectacular pace.

Highlight projects

Türk Telekom Artificial Intelligence in Operations - Predictive Maintenance Project

This project developed by İnnova aims to improve the efficiency of the field teams at Türk Telekom, reduce general breakdowns through early intervention and thus improve customer satisfaction even further. The project intends to predict potential breakdowns that may occur in network equipment used in Türk Telekom’s infrastructure.

The possible reason and location of breakdown, the device-port where the breakdown may occur, breakdown probability percentage and estimate ranges are provided through web interfaces and the control panel. The project won the first place award in the “Innovation Accelerators” category in 2019 IDC.

Turkish Airlines - BOSS Software Development Project

This project conducted by İnnova develops process management applications integrated into the THY (Turkish Airlines) Red Hat Process Automation Manager platform (an open source platform used for developing services and applications automatizing business processes and decisions). Processes are defined in the Red Hat PAM application and the user interfaces, data entry and reporting procedures are provided through the applications within the scope of the project. It is targeted that all Turkish Airlines processes will be executed through this application by the end of the project. While the responsibility for project development rests with İnnova, the analyses are carried out by THY.

Vodafone Cyprus - Biometric Signature

Subscription procedures with no paperwork started to be carried out on 5,000 tablets at 1,300 dealers in 2018 with the Biometric Signature project conducted for Vodafone Turkey. Following this successful project, İnnova developed a similar solution at Vodafone Cyprus in 2019 and carried its achievements to the international arena.

İçtaş-Kalyon-Astaldi (ICA) Legal Proceedings and Collection System Project

In ICA Legal Proceedings and Collection System Project, İnnova’s third significant project in the field of private highway management, İnnova made use of its domestic product Lega (legal automation product), PayFlex Collection (collection interface) and VPOS products developed with own resources.

The project ensures central and reliable monitoring of the lifecycle of all missed tolls on the İzmir-Menemen Highway and carries out the necessary collections. In the project, data enrichment was performed through integrations such as KGM (General Directorate of Highways)/EGM (General Directorate of Security) and UYAP (National Judiciary Informatics System) to enable easier process monitoring.

Türk Telekom Virtual POS Singularization Project

The Virtual POS Client applications used at Türk Telekom, TTNET and Avea (currently TT Mobil) before the integration were unified under the umbrella of Türk Telekom, and were commissioned in a manner to serve all channels with a central structure. TT Mobil PayFlex vPOS Switch, Türk Telekom TTS vPOS Client and TT Broadband PayFlex vPOS Switch solutions were all unified under the PayFlex vPOS Switch product with the project, and the product was made available for use by all channels of the 3 companies.

STP (Health Tourism Portal) Project

The Health Tourism Portal project was conducted for the Ministry of Health by İnnova as the subcontractor of Türksat. The project aims to contribute to Turkey’s development in the field of health tourism, promote the organizations operating in the international health tourism sector and conduct their customer relations activities, and offer alternatives which will be convenient for all international patients and their relatives when in Turkey.

The STP project intends to provide information on health and tourism services such as the health institutions engaged in health tourism, the price tariffs of health institutions and accommodation and transportation alternatives.

In this area, the analysis, design, software development, testing, education, commissioning, maintenance and guarantee services will be provided for STP Web application and mobile application.

North Marmara Highway Project

Information on missed tolls at turnstiles and free passes on North Marmara (Third Bridge access roads) Highway will be transferred from Aselsan to the Lega system, and the PayFlex Collection application will allow the drivers with missed tolls to inquire and pay their debts through the banks and the web channel. It will be possible, through Lega, to initiate administrative and legal proceedings for overdue missed tolls.


Selfy Platform, known as Türk Telekom’s new youth platform, offers subscriptions with various tariffs and opportunities customized according to areas of interest.

Having been developed and brought online by İnnova teams, the Selfy application continued to be improved upon with new additions.

Ankara City Hospital - Special Projects

İnnova provides application and management services for the Hospital Information Management System (HBYS) at Ankara City Hospital Bilkent, the biggest Public-Private Partnership Project of Turkey in the field of health and the world’s largest hospital built at one time. All software required for the performance of this service was brought together by İnnova.

Ankara City Hospital commissioned the HICAMP Health Solutions Platform, which contributes to the secure and uninterrupted operation of integrated health facilities containing various complex services and which provides enhanced and integrated solutions. The data center installation required by this software, integration of all hardware, network and other IT infrastructure, and the hundreds of data entry employees recording the data on operations for the management of hardware and systems and on patients are all provided by İnnova. Ankara City Hospital Bilkent started to admit patients in February 2019, and its Hospital Information Management System service will be provided by İnnova for 5 years.

Ailemin İnterneti (My Family’s Internet)

Ailemin İnterneti is a project offered to Türk Telekom customers who wish to protect their children from harmful content on the internet and/or control the time their children spend online, which allows profiling all devices connected to WiFi with a mobile application controlled by the parents and restricting the internet traffic. All devices connected to WiFi within a household can be controlled with a mobile application.

Treasury Portal

The Türk Telekom Treasury Portal Project is an application where all procedures related to Türk Telekom Group Treasury Operations are performed on an end-to-end basis, where data can be stored and realtime reports and views can be provided, web-based realtime integration is ensured with banks and the SAP in a manner to include all treasury transactions, instructions are signed with a mobile signature and communicated to banks and endof-the-day statement reconciliations can be performed.

EASYS (Access Infrastructure Order Management System)

Containing various modules, principally survey, supplementary protocol and progress transactions performed within the scope of construction, maintenance and repair agreements for access networks throughout Turkey, EASYS application is actively used by Türk Telekom.

Channel Document Management System

The Channel Document Management System is an individual application that includes the functions of the Document Management System used for the control/ follow-up of customer/dealer documents related to PSTN, xDSL, Mobil and Tivibu products, web logs and the Customer Document Follow-up System (METS), and which allows the performance of document control and follow-up procedures. The data to be obtained from the system will be shared with the sales channels with a view to ensure that missing documents can be completed correctly and in full.

Şans Girişim İddaa Terminal Installation, Maintenance and Support Project

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the İnnova and Türk Telekom field teams, İddaa terminals and network devices were installed at 6,000 İddaa dealers located in various locations in Turkey’s 81 provinces within a one and a half month period. İnnova will provide maintenance and support services for these devices for a period of 5 years.

A strong and secure infrastructure for Mobile Wallet

Developed by İnnova on the back of its experience in financial technologies, the PayFlex Mobile Wallet solution brings all payment instruments such as debit cards, credit cards and gift cards together in a single platform. The solution offers its users a strong and secure infrastructure for payments and money transfers.

PayFlex Mobile Wallet provides its users with advantages such as discounted shopping and the opportunity to earn as they spend at merchants.

İnnova PlayFlex Mobile Wallet products can be used by both end users and merchants.​​​​​​​

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