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argelaYear of Establishment: 2005

Business Segment: E-Education Content

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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With more than 30 years of experience, SEBİT is a pioneer in education with its comprehensive solutions ranging from educational content to technological platforms, from intelligent measurement and evaluation to teachers’ professional development.

SEBİT designs and implements the education of the future through the effective use of technology and contributes significantly to the global transformation in education

SEBİT designs and implements the education of the future through the effective use of technology and contributes significantly to the global transformation in education. SEBIT, a subsidiary of Türk Telekom, is active not only in Turkey but also abroad with the educational solutions it has developed since its establishment in 1988, as an R&D Laboratory in TÜBİTAK. In this context, the company designs national and international products and services that are of tailored to the educational needs of individuals to create a social benefit and impact.

With the innovative use of the technology and the strong synergy with Türk Telekom, SEBİT is constantly expanding its product and service portfolio and continues to lead the transformation in education.

The educational products developed by SEBİT’s strong organization of approximately 240 professionals at Ankara METU Technopolis and at the Skysong Innovation Center of Arizona State University in the USA are used by students and teachers all over the world.

Continuing its work with competent and creative human resources and proving its leadership with numerous awards, SEBİT is cited by many international education authorities as one of the best educational technology companies in the world.

Solutions that provide 21st century competencies to students, teachers and administrators of educational institutions

With its new services and products designed using mobile information and internet technologies, SEBİT aims to offer equal opportunity and product variety at every stage of education, as well as to remove barriers to participative education.

The products and services developed by SEBİT within the scope of the FATİH Project have been offered to millions of students and hundreds of thousands of teachers since 2015. In 2019, the following activities took place; Content Activities: Within the scope of the new curriculum announced by MEB (the Ministry of National Education), content and assessment material updates at every grade level are published on the Educational Information Network-EBA (, which is the official education portal of the FATİH Project.

VCollab: VCollab is a social learning platform designed and developed by SEBİT with an innovative approach. Performance improvements and feature development of VCollab continue. The VCollab wall structure has also been adapted to the EBA Professional Development workspace, with a brand-new interface and features since the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year to cover entire EBA. In addition, studies were carried out in the new academic year on topics such as the addition of gamification features and the further development and inclusion of the e-Portfolio infrastructure in the VCloud.

Raunt - The most innovative and result-oriented solution ever offered for university preparation

Turkey’s first and only personalized university entrance exam preparation product, Raunt, was developed by SEBİT for both the retail market and for the use of university candidates in private and public high schools.

The product has been in use since 2015 and after years of development and improvement, it is now being used in all grades from the 9th to the 12th grades in private high schools.

The “Smart Recommendation System”, which is a personalized study plan offered by Raunt through the ( website and the Raunt Mobile Application fully prepares candidates for the university entrance exam with its rich digital and printed content.

SEBIT VCloud builds a strong academic backbone for educational, managerial and production-based solutions for schools

Turkey’s first Next-Generation Educational Sharing and Cooperation Platform, SEBİT VCloud, was designed in order to rapidly transform the educational environment of private schools. The product has started a new era in educational technologies and is used by a total of around 100 thousand students, teachers, and administrators in around 300 private schools. VCloud’s development activities continued in 2019 in line with feedback from the field.

With SEBİT VCloud, students participate in the process with a personalized educational approach. Users began to carry their social and academic knowledge accumulated in collaborative learning environments into the future with the “e‑Portfolio” included in the product as a result of extensive R&D activities.

Similarly, new features that support the needs of institutions that wish to provide teachers with professional development support have been added to the VCloud, providing both central (such as chain private schools or the Ministry of National Education) and organizationspecific professional development infrastructure for organizations with multi-school structures.

A holistic learning approach with the integration of technology and books

Vitamin, the largest course content library in Turkey developed by SEBİT since 2000, has been available to private schools together with VCloud and has been used for years as a tool for teachers to offer support in their lessons.

Vitamin textbooks, which enable the Vitamin content on VCloud to be used more effectively and integrated within the learning process, were introduced to private schools for the first time in 2018. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the books were updated with the experience and feedback from previous years, and additionally Social Sciences books, “İnkılap Tarihi” and “Atatürkçülük” were prepared for the secondary schools and resented to the market, and thus the work on all Vitamin textbooks for all secondary school level courses was completed.

DinamikMAT - for ever greater success in mathematics

DinamikMAT is Turkey’s first and only “smart question generating system”. In maths lessons for students in their 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, DinamikMAT can generate an unlimited number of questions in short answer and multiple-choice forms. Thousands of questions can be derived by the DinamikMAT algorithm which is prepared in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education. This allows the creation of an unlimited number of questions from any question type. In the worksheets sent by teachers, students receive differentiated exercises with different questions and changing difficulty levels that measure similar learning outcomes.

Hızlıgo - an online speed-reading platform that doubles the reading speed at minimum

The online speed-reading system, Hızlıgo, which helps increase reading speed using scientific methods, was updated in September 2018 with a new interface, enhanced personalization features and an intelligent tutoring system that adapts to the level of each user. Hızlıgo, which increases the speed of reading without any loss of comprehension, includes texts prepared for the 5th- 12th grade students and adults at appropriate length and difficulty levels.

The system allows students to save time in solving long paragraph questions in critical exams. Moreover, the system helps students review curricular topics, thanks to the sample texts for performing eye exercises that are selected from different courses for different grades.

SEBİT’s international activities and collaborations

With innovative and effective use of technology, SEBİT is progressing towards becoming one of the world’s leading companies in educational technologies. The company has a presence in many countries with its own products.

Within the framework of global scale sales partnership program with Microsoft, the VCloud product has been rendered “Co-Sell Ready” and work is being carried out to sell the product in cooperation.

Together with Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile operator, business model development continues for the use of the SEBİT VCloud and Adaptive Curriculum products in schools across Kenya.

BEACONING -the project offering game-based learning for strong STEM infrastructure

SEBİT, with the support of the Horizon 2020 R&D program, undertook the leadership of the “pilot application”, “evaluation” “implementation and commercialization” business packages of the BEACONING Project, which started in 2016. The company has also been involved in development work, particularly in the design of learning analytics functions and interfaces.

The BEACONING application, which reached the “Technology Readiness Level 8” technical maturity level in 2019, was launched for the use of app, which reached around 20 thousand students through the SEBİT VCloud product. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 from Turkey, Coventry, Barcelona, Madrid, Porto, Milan, Nantes, Paris, Bucharest, Bremen, Edinburgh, Warsaw and Singapore enjoyed a digital and location-based gaming experience centred on discovery and learning, and the project was completed successfully.

In the final progress meeting with European Commission referees in June 2019, the project was described as the most successful project of the relevant unit of the European Commission, and the EU arbitration committee announced that the method of Impact Analysis developed and implemented by SEBİT would be used as a reference in EU projects. After the final decision, SEBİT and the project partners signed a letter of intent and entered the product development process.

Socio-technical design in higher education for the 1-1 education model

SEBİT carried out a socio-technical university design in order to adapt the 1-1 education model to higher education, which was developed for the Ministry of National Education’s FATİH Project.

The project, which started in 2016 with the support of the Ministry of Development, covers the design of a higher education system with a focus on serving society in a new global approach known as “Third Generation Universities”. The scope of the project includes integration with digital technologies and the creation of the roadmaps for implementation. The model also covers structural changes that need to be implemented so Turkish universities can meet the new international accreditation requirements. This model, which has a curriculum based on competence and which envisages educational programs that will advance by involving students in applied projects in an active learning approach, was developed by project stakeholders led by SEBİT and then piloted at the Abdullah Gül University (“AGÜ”) with successful results. In 2018 and 2019, AGÜ was ranked 2nd among universities established after 2000 in the list of URAP (University Rankings by Academic Performance) Research Laboratory summarizing the academic performance of the universities.

Following this success, the university model was published as a comprehensive book. The book, entitled “The Socio-Technical University Education Model in Higher Education; System and Process Design” was published in March 2019 and shared with major universities, the YÖK (Council of Higher Education) and related institutions. In the second half of 2019, plans for transition to this model were made at various departments of METU and TOBB ETÜ universities, particularly for engineering programs.​​​​​​​​​

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