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Ownership Structure

​Türk Telekom continues its perpetual investments ​in innovation together with the support of its partnership with firms that operate in various sectors and of which the operations and development influence the sector.

Revenue Breakdown (2016 Q1)

*Levent Yapılandırma Yönetimi A.Ş.

Note: According to Official Gazette was published on 5 February 2017, Council of Ministers decided to transfer 6,68% (5% B Group shares & 1.68% D Group shares) of the shares of the Company belonging to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance to the Turkish Wealth Fund.

Detailed Shareholder Structure

Information on Share Groups and Privileged Shares are provided at Articles of Association. ​​​​​Click for related page.


* The Türk Telekom Shareholders' Agreement and the Articles of Association further state that the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance owns a "golden share" (Class C share). The "golden share" is required under the Telephone Law and provides that, in order to protect Turkey's national interests relating to national security and the economy, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance approval is required for the following matters:

  • Any proposed amendments to the Articles of A​ssociation;
  • The transfer of any of the Company's registered shares (i.e., the Class A shares) which would result in a change in management control;
  • The registration of any transfer of the Company's registered shares in the shareholder ledger.
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