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R&D and Technology

The results delivered in the framework of Research and Development activities in 2017 are summarized below.

  • In 2017, the number of Türk Telekom R&D Center personnel doubled compared to 2016.
  • In 2017, 153 national patent applications were filed. In addition, an international patent application was filed this year in the field of Quantum Computing. A US patent application, filed in 2013, was approved this year.
  • 27 academic publications were issued in 2017.
  • Two EU and three TÜBİTAK Projects were launched, and one EU project was completed in 2017. Five EU and four TÜBİTAK Projects are at the evaluation stage. Within the scope of the Clear5G Project H2020 EU projects, Türk Telekom became the first Turkish operator company with research projects in the field of 5G and beyond. Twelve companies, including Türk Telekom and Argela, are involved in the project, where Industry 4.0 factory technologies of the future will be designed based on M2M by using vertical 5G applications.

Firewall Systems Conversion Project

The firewall systems that protect the Company’s critical networks and provide enterprise security services to customers have been upgraded with higher capacity devices within the scope of this project, and thus an upto- date security layer that meets new needs has been created. Within the scope of the project, 20 firewalls were upgraded.

ONF (Open Networking Foundation)

Türk Telekom joined the management of the US-based world-renowned technology platform ONF (Open Networking Foundation), which works on developing new generation network systems and communication technologies. Alongside with world giants such as Google, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon and Samsung, Türk Telekom will sit on the Board of Directors of this open platform, which monitors the latest trends in telecommunication sector and develops advanced technologies. As such, the Company became in the position to shape projects there, and even change the structure of telecoms ecosystem. Türk Telekom has become a partner of this organization, which works on open source technologies/projects concerning Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Virtualization (NFV) technologies. Türk Telekom’s aims to keep track of the latest developments in the telecommunication sector and contribute to the development of these technologies. In this respect, Türk Telekom works together with its subsidiary Argela to contribute to ONF’s technologies and projects, and to offer better quality services to its own customers with advanced technologies.

5G and Next Generation PON

In a global first, Türk Telekom collaborated with Nokia to perform 5G and New Generation PON demos simultaneously in August. The 5G and next generation PON demos carried out at Türk Telekom Technology Center demonstrated that in locations with fiber cable infrastructure, the data transmission capacity can be increased 21-fold with PON. In fixed connections, PON technology was utilized to transmit 102 Gbps of traffic over a fiber line, while in the 5G Mobile demo, mmWave technology enabling higher speeds was tested.

During the 5G demo, where the effect of high data speed on user experience was illustrated, and Nokia’s augmented reality camera OZO was utilized, which is among the pioneer application areas of 5G technology with high transmission capabilities,. The 360-degree professional footage by OZO was then viewed with augmented reality glasses. At the demo, 5G’s “low latency” feature for industrial environments was displayed as three robots employed 5G technology to operate simultaneously and in coordination, with a delay of only 1 millisecond. This result opens the door on new horizons, ranging from manufacturing to surgery.

Centralized Radio Access Network (C-RAN) Technology

In February, Türk Telekom utilized C-RAN technology to realize Turkey’s first carrier aggregation between the cells of different base stations. During the tests, features improving not only data upload, but also data download speeds were tested. By this technology doubling connection speed and service quality in areas of high communication traffic, such as concert venues and large squares is targeted.

Mobile World Congress 2017 Türk Telekom 5G Demo

Türk Telekom and Nokia presented how 5G technologies can be employed at major events with a large audience to provide smarter and higher security services during their 5G demo at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Partnership with Huawei Unveiled at MWC

At the Mobile World Congress, Türk Telekom and Huawei announced cooperation on new generation cloud network architecture, antenna technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the development, testing and implementation of new technologies that will make significant contributions to public safety.

CommiTT App

The CommiTT app developed by Türk Telekom engineers achieved worldwide success. CommiTT, which manages voice and data traffic, and automates device configurations to ensure their more productive operation, received the first prize in the “Customer-Focused Business Models” category of the ICMG’s IT Architecture Excellence Awards 2017. At the 2017 Global Telecom Awards, the Company received the Managed Services Innovation of the Year Award for its uSON Powered Managed Services.

PILOT Startup Accelerator

Türk Telekom launched the PILOT startup acceleration program in 2013 to support entrepreneurship and create economic value by collaborating with innovative startups. As Turkey’s first startup accelerator initiated by the private sector, PILOT received close to 2,000 applications during its five stages. To date, the 45 startup graduates of the program have received TL 2 million in cash.

Türk Telekom’s PILOT enterprises go global

The fifth term graduates of PILOT, the first startup accelerator program launched by Turkish private sector, participated the world’s largest tech conference Web Summit 2017. During these five terms, Türk Telekom’s PILOT program graduated 45 entrepreneurs on topics such as e-commerce, training and cloud technologies, big data, augmented and virtual reality technologies. TL 2 million in cash was extended to PILOT enterprises. The 35 enterprises supported until 2016 have yielded a turnover of TL 6 million, and employ 141 personnel, a clear indication of the program’s crucial support to the national economy.

The fifth stage of PILOT

In the fifth stage of PILOT, Türk Telekom lent its support to 10 enterprises in areas such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other high technology projects. The Artiwise, Birfatura, Frizbit, Mobilya Takip, Nara, Optiyol, Propars, SaltCommerce, Vexrob and Visar teams completed PILOT’s fifth season with success and graduated from the program, each receiving cash grants of TL 75 thousand, and having the opportunity to assess partnership prospects with Türk Telekom. The teams received 80 hours of training on business model development, growth models, agile development, digital marketing, sales and investor presentation. These teams had the opportunity to work with Türk Telekom’s expert professionals and top names of the start-up ecosystem, participating in 300 hours of meetings with 100 mentors.

The teams also benefited from the Company’s office space, cloud services worth 100 thousand dollars, communication support for the promotion of their projects and mobile communication packages. Those teams able to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on a validated business model presented their MVPs and business models to the leading investors of the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem at the “Demo Day” event organized at the end of the program.

At the Demo Day event organized in the context of fifth season of PİLOT, Türk Telekom CEO Dr. Paul Doany delivered the opening speech, underlining the great importance of startups for national growth and the battle against unemployment: “Our support approach extends from enterprises at the idea stage to enterprises of high growth potential where the product has already been commercialized. We shall carry this support to the next level with the establishment of our Corporate Venture Capital company. Furthermore, we will very shortly provide a brand new opportunity for entrepreneurs: We are creating a platform open to anyone -entrepreneurs, visionaries, inventors and innovators. Currently under development, this new platform will be a meeting point for all those interested in entrepreneurship.”

Over the coming years, Türk Telekom will continue to support the ecosystem and startups to help them join the ranks of the Turkish economy, meet their expectations to the highest level possible and transform Turkey into the region’s entrepreneurship hub.

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