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Türk Telekom’s Strategic Focus Areas

In line with its vision of enriching the business and lives of its customers and strengthening its position of being Turkey’s leading communication infrastructure and solution provider by doing the best in every field, Türk Telekom defined its strategic goals around two main focus areas in terms of growth and efficiency in core and non- core telco activities.


Core Telco Operations

  • Increase the number of access lines and strengthen the footprint at households
  • Strengthen the preferred fixed and mobile infrastructure provider position in wholesale operations
  • Achieve a fair market share in the mobile market
  • Increase corporate service revenue growth by increasing segment penetration

Non-Core Telco Operations

  • Capture a share in new revenue areas for sustainable growth
  • Create value from opportunistic ventures on top of core
  • Create value via subsidiaries


Core Telco Operations

  • Improvement in operational expenses with strict cost control
  • Disciplined capex spending
  • Ensure the organizational transformation
  • Provide a competitive customer experience

Non-Core Telco Operations

  • Change business models and processes with internal digitalization
  • Be prepared for the technology transformation- 5G readiness
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