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Increase the household reach through fixed and mobile technologies and increase the subscriber base, while maintaining profitability

  • Grow fast fixed broadband and increase penetration
  • Strengthen mobile operations and grow the subscriber base
  • Enhance TV reach, increase Wireless Household reach and support mobile
  • Protect access lines
  • Synergy offers and cross sales

Value Creation with Value Added Services on top of Core Services

  • Focus on energy, health and education verticals – Ensure availability of technology services for a broad customer base
  • Provision of digital transformation across the entire value chain
  • Value creation through subsidiaries


Cost Control

  • Focus on a simple and effective portfolio
  • Sales channels and customer services / Utilization of online and alternative channels
  • Disciplined management of Capex, effective cost control and more efficient use of existing assets

Preparation for the technological transformation

  • Enable lean technologies -commercialization of SDN and NFV technologies
  • Prepare for the redesign of fixed and mobile assets


Competitive Customer Experience

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