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Vision & Values

Our Vision

As Turkey’s undisputed leader in communication and entertainment technologies, Türk Telekom, enriches its customers’ businesses and lives by excelling in every field.

Shared Values and Attitudes

Customer Focus

  • We listen to our customers, understand them and make their lives easier with solutions customized for their needs.
  • We take all decisions in due consideration of their possible impact on our customers.
  • We provide our customers with timely and accurate information, as well as high standards of services.


  • We anticipate market trends and pioneer the new initiatives in the industry.
  • We press ahead, live up to the challenges and courageously implement new ideas.
  • We learn from mistakes, as well as achievements, and strive for perfection.

Human Focus

  • We respect differences of opinion and view diversity as our key strength.
  • We invest in people, learn constantly, develop and enable to develop.
  • We establish frank, fair and constructive relations among ourselves.


  • We believe in open communication and share our knowledge with each other.
  • We place trust in the competencies of our colleagues and work collaboratively.
  • We work for the success of everyone among us, appreciate each other and celebrate success together.


  • We take quick decisions and get immediate results.
  • We work with passion and responsibility to reach our goal.
  • We share our authority with others and empower them.
  • By taking the initiative, we both facilitate and improve our work.
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