Investor Relations Policy

Türk Telekom engages in transparent and close communication with stakeholders.  At Türk Telekom, the activities with respect to the management of relationships with existing and potential shareholders and fixed income investors, responding effectively to queries from investors and analysts, and activities targeted at increasing the value of the Company, as well as the actions taken and the reports made by the Company in the field of sustainability is carried out by Investor Relations and Sustainable Directorate which reports directly to the CFO.

Effective Communication

Effective two-way communication with the financial and investor community constitutes the core of the Türk Telekom Investor Relations Program. Türk Telekom values investor feedback as a major input for business planning.

Information Requests

Türk Telekom Investor Relations responds to information requests by analysts and investors, ensuring the proper promotion of the Company and ensuring that reports for investors are prepared in an accurate and complete fashion. Türk Telekom values independent research and accordingly do not engage in any act that will interfere with the analyst’s views.

Top Management Support

Türk Telekom Investor Relations Team reports directly to Türk Telekom CFO, enabling a regular interaction with top management of the Group, including the CEOs of the group companies. The current structure enables safe and efficient two-way information flow.

Efficient Public Disclosure

Türk Telekom Investor Relations communicates with all of its investors and analysts through organizing or attending meetings such as General Assembly Meetings, Analyst Meetings, roadshows and investor conferences. Furthermore, Türk Telekom Investor Relations publishes an annual report, quarterly reports, quarterly fact sheets, quarterly presentations and earning releases.

Türk Telekom releases its financial results and all other stock-related news on Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) and Investor Relations Website. After each quarterly results announcement, Türk Telekom publishes the Investor Presentation and holds a quarterly earnings call attended by Türk Telekom Group’s C-level executives headed by the CEO. A call replay and transcript are posted on the website shortly after the presentation.

Management Guidance

Türk Telekom announces annual guidance to its investor every year. Türk Telekom top management sets yearly targets considering a broad range of variables based on macroeconomic forecasts and sector dynamics. The target determination process involves the participation of C-level executives. The guidance is available on the website and in the investor presentation.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Türk Telekom pays utmost care to fulfill the Capital Market Regulations' requirements, handles necessary disclosures, and monitors related processes for ensuring compliance with CMB regulations, Corporate Governance Principles, and Türk Telekom disclosure policy.