Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment

Creating a healthier and safer working environment for its employees, minimising the effects of damage to the environment through its activities, and implementing environmentally friendly technologies are adopted by the Company as its prioritised objectives.

In line with this target, employees are expected to;

  • act in accordance with legal regulations, practices and accepted standards in the workplace,
  • comply with the measures taken as a result of all risk and impact assessments with a preventive approach,
  • implement systems to minimise the occurrence of incidents, accident or emergency losses,
  • participate in training programs organi​sed to promote safety culture, risk perception and environmental awareness,
  • demonstrate an objective and transparent attitude in audits related to occupational health, safety and the environment,
  • notify and report any behaviour, situation or accident which could endanger occupational health and safety,
  • act in harmony with the responsible Occupational Health and Safety specialist in charge.

Türk Telekom, which has adopted proactive and productive Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management standards, works to improve these management systems to prevent occupational accidents, to raise environmental awareness and to promote occupational health and safety and an environmental culture among employees.

Türk Telekom systematically defines the methods and principles for identifying the potential hazards arising from its activities, the products and services and the risks associated with them, and evaluates the environmental impacts and aspects, thus controlling the potential dangers. In line with these definitions, the Company prepares and reports risk and environmental impact assessment tables with the aim of minimising occupational accidents and occupational illness, along with the environmental aspects.

The aim of the work is to identify risks which may cause occupational accidents and occupational illnesses before they occur, and to take appropriate measures.

In order to protect employees from work-specific hazards, personal protective equipment is provided where collective protection is not possible.

“Occupational Health and Safety Committees” have been established in the workplaces of the Company. At periodic meetings, the following tasks are fulfilled:

  • Guiding employees regarding occupational health and safety issues,
  • Evaluating hazards and precautions related to occupational health and safety at the workplace, determining the measures and notifying the employer or their representatives,
  • Carrying out the necessary investigations, identifying measures to be taken and notifying the employer or the employer’s representative with a report in the event of any occupational accident in the workplace or an occurrence at the workplace which does not qualify as an occupational accident but may cause damage to the workplace or to work equipment, or in case of occupational illness or occupational health and safety hazards,
  • Planning trainings on occupational health and safety in the workplace, preparing programs related to occupational health and safety and related rules, presenting them to the employer or the employer’s representative for approval, monitoring the implementation of these programs and providing feedback in the event any deficiency is noted,
  • Planning the security measures necessary during maintenance and repair work to be performed at the workplace and monitoring the implementation of these measures,
  • Monitoring the adequacy of the measures taken against fire, natural disasters, sabotage or similar hazards in the workplace and monitoring the work carried out by the relevant team.

Employee representatives also participate in these committees as members, and all kinds of feedbacks provided by employees on occupational health and safety measures are evaluated.


Türk Telekom provides qualified training for its employees to build a sustainable world

Since December 2011, Türk Telekom has been providing online trainings to all of its employees, covering subjects such as climate change, risks regarding the climate change and simple habits which can be changed in daily life to reduce these risks. The Company also provides in-class and remote trainings on energy efficiency and occupational health and safety legislation, as well as hygiene.

In 2020, a total of 17,389 Türk Telekom employees received occupational health and safety legislation training.

On October 5th, World Environment Day, a video of Türk Telekom’s environmental activities such as zero waste, electronic waste and CDP activities were shared with all employees.


OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

In order to achieve the telecommunications sector best health, safety and environmental practices, and to be able to work more systematically, the Health and Safety & Environmental Management System has been established and documented.

Between 2016-2019, Ankara, İstanbul and Antalya Regional Directorates and affiliated Telecom Directorates had ISO 14001 certification. As of 2020, all workplaces of the Company have ISO 14001 certificate and certificate includes all activities and employees.

Integrated Management System Policy that was created in this context is listed below.