Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy has been prepared to define the sustainability approach of Türk Telekom, establish the foundation of the sustainability management system, and establish a strong sustainability culture that includes all stakeholders. The Sustainability Policy covers the Board of Directors, managers, and employees at all levels of the Company. The Company also expects its suppliers and business partners to comply with this policy and encourage their employees to do so.

With the strength derived from its over 180 years of history, Türk Telekom works for the future of Türkiye and aims to integrate the universal principles of sustainability into its business model, strategies, and corporate decisions with the goal of leaving a livable world for future generations as Türkiye's first integrated telecommunications operator. It aims to consider sustainability throughout the value chain and manage its activities by following a sustainable business model that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It positions operating sustainably as a focus area for a long-term, strong, and successful business model.