Human Resources Policy

Türk Telekom aims to be the most preferred employer for professionals in the telecommunications sector and thus, in line with its future strategies and goals, seeks to attract a qualified workforce to the Company in accordance with its corporate culture and values.

Türk Telekom carries out training and development activities in order to ensure the advancement of the knowledge, skills and behaviours of its employees, to reinforce the employer brand, and to embark on development investments with a view to supporting and retaining high performance and high potential, through an integrated talent management perspective.

Ensuring that the right training and development investment is made to the right person at the right time, an active role for managers in the development of their employees, integrating of the development opportunities offered with all human resources processes, promoting the sustainability of training and development activities supported by technology, and the use of alternative development methods and resources in all processes are the basic principles for Türk Telekom.

The Company informs employees of decisions taken or developments concerning employees through the use of appropriate internal communication tools (such as notification, e-mail announcements, instant notifications, the internal communication portal).

Within the framework of the Human Resources Policy established by the Company, the principle of providing equal opportunities under equal conditions is adopted in recruitment and career planning. A uniform set of recruitment rules has been created, with recruitment criteria set on the basis of objective principles.

Recruitment processes are determined in accordance with the relevant legislation.

The Company’s relations with its employees are managed by Human Resources Business Partners who work under the Human Resources department.